In honor of Black History Month, DA SPOT NYC in partnership with City Point Mall will host a marketplace to highlight the creativity of local Black and POC-owned creative brands. We welcome vendor applications who meet the criteria and all submissions will be reviewed. 

Please read all of the following carefully before applying: 

Event Details

The Black Creatives + Culture Market is an indoor event, which will take place in City Point Mall on Saturday and Sunday February 20th - 21st, 2021 from 12 to 7PM. This market will feature 15+ curated, local, Black-owned and POC independent creative brands, a live art exhibition, and live DJ music. In addition, Dekalb Market Hall will be open for some tasty treats. 

How do I apply to participate?

You must identify as a Black/African American or POC creative. Please complete this application for consideration. We will review applications on a first-come, first served basis. For future events, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know.

How are vendors selected?

Markets curated by DA SPOT NYC are carefully selected to feature the best up-and-coming brands and designers. To prevent oversaturation and ensure a diverse offering of products we limit the amount of vendors per category. Brands who demonstrate strong products, good market visuals and are aligned with the mission of DA SPOT and event demographic are heavily considered. 

How much does it cost to participate?

DA SPOT is committed to keeping participation costs low in support of emerging designers. Participation costs varies, starting at $250 for a full weekend booth. We also offer one-day participation at a lower cost. Additional options such as prime placement, table and chair rentals and electricity will be available for a small fee. Detailed price breakdown will be available on individual application forms.

Are there any guidelines for vendor display booths?

We encourage creators to take pride in creating a beautiful display space to showcase your products. You may bring your own setup including backdrops, racks, tables or chairs. Tables and chairs can also be rented directly from DA SPOT for your convenience. Please contact us directly if you have an unusual set up or require any special consideration.

What if I miss the application deadline?

We encourage interested creators to apply quickly as spaces are limited and spots fill up quickly. If you miss the application deadline, please email us directly to see if we have received any cancellations, and to be placed on the waitlist.


How will I know if I have been accepted as a vendor?

We will do our best to respond to every applicant individually to let you know if your application has been successful. Please allow for two weeks for a response. 

Can I leave my property overnight?

Yes, full weekend participant will be able to use secured overnight storage. You will have to breakdown, store your items, and set-up again the next day, .



We are dedicated to ensuring a COVID-19-safe environment for our vendors and patrons. DA SPOT NYC will comply with City Point and all NY State rules and regulations, and take the following precautions to create a safe and relaxing environment for everyone in the marketplace:

  • Masks will be required in the space at all times. This will be consistently enforced by market staff.
  • Vendor display booths will be separated from their neighbor by at least 10 feet, and/or separated by large plastic barriers.
  • Floor decals and additional signage will be used inside the marketplace to direct pedestrian flow and encourage social distancing.
  • The HVAC air filtration system will be kept on at all times to ensure constant ventilation, and doors to the street will remain open during market hours.
  • Art Exhibit Entry: Every patron who enters the Art Walk will have their temperature taken and contact information recorded for contact tracing.
  • Every vendor will have their temperature taken and contact information recorded for contact tracing.
  • The space will be kept to 20% capacity, including makers, with max capacity of 140 people.

For additional info, contact us at: