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Are you searching for a deeper sense of peace, joy, and happiness? Inner Peace is the New Success is the solution you’ve been looking for! In this powerful, inspirational, and life changing book author DaVida Rowley speaks candidly about the life circumstances that lead her to pursue a life of inner peace and how you can use the same strategies to have the peace you’ve been yearning for. In the end you will be able to: -Come to your own understanding and realizations about what’s affecting your inner peace -Claim victory over it through affirmation -Release it to God through prayer -Make a change through action “When I found my inner peace, I found my best self. Once you have your peace, you’ll never want to let it go.” -DaVida Rowley

About the Author

DaVida Rowley has enjoyed a fulfilling career in Social Services for over a decade. She draws on knowledge from both her professional experience and personal testimony of rising above the odds to achieve success as an inspiration for motivating others to pursue the life of peace they deserve. She is a proud Christian who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York with her teenage son.

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